maccentric kudos

It’s one thing for us to blow our own horn. It’s quite another for our customers to do it for us. So let’s take a look at what they’re saying about the Maccentric difference:


“Today did not start well with a computer that wouldn’t start up and a sitter calling in sick. Thank goodness for Maccentric and their speedy service! Now half of my troubles are solved! Thank you guys for the help this morning!”

Danielle Williamson Richard

“Maccentric is AWESOME. Great service, serious mac knowledge, and awesome people.”

Laird Sapir

“Thomas and team saved my laptop. He then led this computer illiterate through upgrading Final Draft so i could get back to writing. Thanks guys.”

Blayne Weaver

“Tara is the best!! This company saved me a ton of money. If not for them, I would have had to buy a new notebook!!! Apple recommends them and so do I!! Thank you!!!”

Diana Davis Lott

“Thomas, in all my years of working with Macs and Mac service, The Forum can say you’re tops! Maccentricreplaced, upgraded and repurposed all of our dream machines and it has been a perfect and seamless install! Major speed improvement and efficiency improvement. No downtime for us. And I am now confident that no issues will surface at a crucial moment. After four weeks of enjoying the fruits of your labor, our team says, ‘Bravo!’ Thanks from all of The Forum gang. I know we can count on you guys at Maccentric!”

Jay Covington, Publisher


And here’s a random sampling of what others are saying about the Maccentric difference:

“Chris gave the best presentation I have ever heard on iPhoto. I know the program fairly well, but I still learned some new things, especially about photography and making the products, such as books and cards. It was definitely worth my Saturday afternoon. Thanks, Chris! (P.S. His photography is breathtaking!)”

“I was happy because the tech solved my problem and saved me about $200.”

“Awesome customer service!”

“Thanks for the prompt and courteous attention to my iMac and the password debacle yesterday. Will refer all my Apple friends to Maccentric.”

“Between our phone conversation prior to bringing in my computer, and the very attentive staff with telephone updates throughout the day, it is hard to choose just one reason for my great experience. They were very nice, quick response, kept me updated, helpful in my preparation to bring the computer in, especially in backing up data, and then they were very thorough in making sure I could reload my software and data after the hard drive recall was completed. I then even received a follow up phone call first thing Monday morning to make sure all was well. I would recommend them to my friends and I will definitely take my computer back to them if I have any problems.”

“They do a good job of keeping in touch with the customer during the repair process AND they always follow up afterward by phone, just to make sure everything’s okay. OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE.”

“We’re a dental office running Macs…Maccentric is very helpful and always quick to help us when hardware or software glitches up.”

“Thank goodness I was able to findMaccentric. The replacement of my battery went well and my computer is perky and thriving well once again. We are happy.”

“Thank you Maccentric for doing such a great job on my iMac. I’m so glad to know you guys are there when I need you.”

“Maccentric is megafabulous… It would take a huge page of superlatives to describe their awesome service.”

“This was a most pleasant experience – from beginning to end. Personalized service & same day service. Would definitely contact them again if needed. I talked to a real live person on the phone & met that real live person when I dropped off my desktop. They even came out to my car & took it in for service & then brought it back to my car when repair was finished. This made this GrandMa Apple lover very happy.”

“Very nice and helpful. When my new hard drive had an issue, they not only fixed it quickly, but restored my original info at no charge. Will definitely use again, they would make an excellent Apple store for our area since we have none. Very positive representative for Apple in our area.”

“This is the second time I’ve used this repair shop and they have earned my trust and personal recommendation to others.”

“They were personable and efficient! I dropped it off at 8 AM and picked it up at 4 PM!”

“Went back to Maccentric on my own dime last week (old MacBook not under warranty/AppleCare anymore). Thrilled with the service (AGAIN!). I can’t think of anything you guys could do to improve the quality of your service. Thank you! My old white MacBook looks brand new again!”

“Maccentric is a great service provider. Took in my MacBook for some upgrades. The work was done quickly and was very affordable. The team not only upgraded the hardware I requested, but also repaired and cleaned the body. I’ve sent several friends to Maccentric and all of them have had the same great service. If you live in the Ark-La-Tex and have an Apple product that needs service then take it on over to Thomas and the gang at Maccentric.”

“Thank you so much for the speedy repair to my iMac. You just never know how much you use your computer in so many aspects of your life until the little devil is broken!! I so appreciate that you jumped right on the work and turned it out for me especially to help me with my timing schedule in town. Your staff was always so nice and friendly and let me know exactly where the project was every time I called… and I’m sure I was a thorn!! Looks like I’m ginning right along!! Many thanks…”

“I was one of those Apple notified of a possible hard drive failure in the 27″ iMacs. I stopped by on Monday to schedule service. I got a call that the hard drive was in yesterday. I dropped it off this morning and it’s now back in my home office up and running. Super easy and pain free! The staff was courteous and professional, the service quick and efficient. I really appreciate it! I’ll be sure to frequent your business again for any future service needs.”

“Each time I’ve gone to Maccentric they were highly professional, kind, and thorough with their services. They are the only place in the area that I would recommend to anyone with Apple computer issues.”

“I highly recommend Maccentric in Shreveport. They’re the only Apple certified shop in town and do top quality work. That’s where people take their stuff to fix the repair attempts done by other places.”

“Last Friday I picked up my MacBook from Maccentric. Thomas Avallone and team did an awesome job of getting it up and running. New RAM and new hard drive, and he fixed up the case as well. [My wife] has been using the computer all weekend and has colored and drawn several images. If you have any Apple product needs contact Thomas. He fixes iPads and iPhones as well as Macs.”

“Great service; best qualified service personnel I have dealt with (I am an advanced user and system administrator). I would recommend Maccentric to any Apple user or Administrator.”

“I was very happy with my repair experience. This further supported my decision to only own Apple computers from now on! The people at Maccentricwere very nice and very knowledgeable. They took care of everything for me. The experience was completely different from my experience with other computers’ technical support and warranties.”

“The people there were very nice and did the repairs in a very timely order. I was very pleased in how close they were to me and how fast they repaired my MacBook Pro. Thank you.”

“Maccentric is a great service provider. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have used them for various problems on my Macs and they are always courteous, professional, and FAST. I’ve told them before that I am actually glad that Apple does not have a store in Shreveport as I would hate to have to take my computers to anyone but Maccentric!”

“Thank you, Thomas and Steve! Y’all saved my neck on this one! Appreciate y’all & look forward to future business with you! Best to you!”

“The people at Maccentric have always been fast and very helpful. I recommend them to anyone who asks where they should take their Mac for repairs.”

“Just wanted you to know that I got back and everything is up and running. I appreciate all your help and getting it done so quickly. It was also very nice that everyone was so personable. Thanks so much again.”

“Technician knowledgeable and understood my problem. Shop was clean and neat. So impressed told a co-worker about them.”

“The tech at Maccentric was extremely professional, friendly, and competent. My computer is like-new & they were FAST! Thanks!”

“I sent in my Mac for a boot problem. Before the technician called, he checked on AppleCare and found that the repair was in warranty. I appreciated his going the extra mile before calling me. He replaced the HD, restored the info from the backup, shipped the mini to us, and all we had to do to resume operation was to plug the two units in! Wonderful attention to detail. I remain a happy Apple owner.”